Artisan Soaps

The husband and wife team of Boudica have had an obsession with soaps for quite some time.  Like many of us, they began questioning what was in the bath products they were putting on their skin.

Using natural elements, they have created the incredible product line that proudly bears the Boudica name.  Ethically sourced ingredients including hand produced shea butter from Ghana, silk, essential oils and food grade cosmetics, most of which are also organic, make up the impressive list of ingredients.

Skin is the single largest organ in the human body.  So why don’t we ask more questions about what we are putting on it?  Many of us are becoming more conscious of what we are putting into our body, but what about what we put on it?

Heather and Jeff have gone through the process of receiving the “cruelty free” seal from PETA. “Our products are not tested on animals; we test our products on (willing) family and friends.” They are continually researching for new safe and practical products.

Boudica products are made and packaged in their home studio in rural Uxbridge, and are available to purchase at many fine shops in the GTA.  We were so impressed with the products, (yes we tried most of them), that we just had to have them at The Dark Horse in Sunderland.

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